Jørgen knytter
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The Knot Festival
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A Festival for all

Come along and show us your new creations, for example your new boat or your new hand knotted doormat. We have room for everyone, also for those who only have the desire to watch. We look forward to meeting you on the island Aeroe.

Int. Knot & Small Boats Festival

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This year The Old Shipyard will be hosting the Int. Knot and Small Boat festival.

From Friday the 14th to Sunday the 16th July the harbour and the shipyard will be full of life and activities. Knotting enthusiasts and small boats will be visiting this great event.

Come along and experience the unique maritime atmosphere in authentic surroundings at the harbour of Ærøskøbing.


For those who are active (or those using both hands and mind)

Are you a knotter? Do you like working with macramé art keeping sailor crafts and skills alive or do you use the skills otherwise? Then you should join the festival at The Old Shipyard in Ærøskøbing and meet other people doing the same.

The festival will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th July 2017. We will provide a table and a chair for you to work at. You can exhibit and sell your products.

Spritsail, ærø, small boat festival

Spritsail World Cup

Races will be held for two cups: Both of them are perpetual trophies.

The World Cup will be given to the fastest spritsail rigged vessel of any construction, size, building material, rig material, number of masts and all other outfit!

The mainsail must be rigged with a diagonal sprit, have a rectangular shape and not peaked at a higher angle than an average Thames Barge.

Only sail can be used as propulsion in any situation when racing.

No accumulated power is allowed except for driving radio and computer equipment.


The World Cup Classic will be given to the fastest traditional built wooden vessel carrying from one to three masts with a historical correct spritsail rig. Permission is given to the use of modern sailcloth and synthetic standing and running rigging. No accumulated power of any kind is allowed. The using of oars are permitted for going about if this is normal practice for the type of vessel.

The board of sailing directors will decide whether a vessel can be accepted as classic if any doubt will arise.

The decision of the committee is final.

The Classic Spritsail World Cup is raced together with the race for the World Cup using the same start and finishing line and start signal.

The same vessel may win both cups.

Three races will be held.

spritsail, ærø, small boat festival

Program for the festival:

Program for Int. Knot & Small Boats Festival

Friday 14th July:

14:00 The Old Shipyard opens the doors to the first Int. Knot & Small Boats Festival.

The macramé workshop opens with people from Denmark, Holland, Germany, Britain and France. They will be working and showing their art together with people doing beautiful lace works.

The small boats arrive. A lot of beautiful, funny and strange boats will be here.

Open ship on the schooner ”Fylla”.

Open shipyard.

You can buy beer, wine and soft drinks.

Saturday 15th July:

10:00 The festival begins with the first round for the small boats. They will be sailing from the cooking house.

Visit the macramé workshop upstairs.

Several old engines will be started during the day.

Open ship on the schooner ”Fylla”.

Open shipyard.

12:00 WILD FOOD: A guided tour along the beach focusing on the edible wildlife with nature guide Nils Ørum.

Model builder from Germany will show and start his small steam engines.

Ærø Oldtimer Tractor Club will show some of their gorgeous machines.

14:00 Second round for the small boats.

14:30 Ærø Oldtimer Car Club will be visiting and showing their beautiful vehicles.

You can buy beer, soft drinks, wine and coffee with Ærø pancakes.

18:00 Participant dining

Sunday 16th July:

10:00 The small boats’ last round.

Open ship on the schooner ”Fylla”.

Open shipyard.

Visit the macramé workshop upstairs.

The old engines will be running.

12:00 Price presentation for the small boats.

You can buy beer, soft drinks, wine and coffee with Ærø pancakes.

16:00 Thank you and goodbye. See you again in 2019.



For all participants the ferry fares will come with a discount of nearly 50 %. Further info regarding this will follow later.

You can stay on our schooner ”Fylla”. 28 bunks are available for a price of 200 DKK each bunk per night.

The dinner party will be at your own cost.

Please register to kbn@detgamlevaerft.dk or +45 23261177.

The Old Shipyard is situated at the harbour in Ærøskøbing right beside the ferry from Svendborg. We are a registered social economic business. Our main focus is communicating our maritime cultural heritage, especially steam engines and riveted steel ships. Our facilities are perfect for this kind of festival.

Free Entre

Best wishes from the staff at Det Gamle Værft – The Old Shipyard

Det Gamle Værft
Aeroeskoebing havn 4a
5970 Aeroeskoebing

Questions and answers
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PDF version of the page here

Download A3 poster here

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The Knot Festival
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